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  1. Good to see you back!
    Saw you in a recently-releases official SS Video on getting started
    How about a product reveiw of part #555626 Bandsaw Eccentric Tubes.


    1. Hi Frank and thanks for your good wishes.
      Two tips on the eccentric tubes:
      1.The long end goes up! I know that seems obvious, but on some of the older manuals they show them upside down.
      2.If you don’t have a helper, use a stick of wood to leverage up the bandsaw and hold it in place while you do the adjustment.

      Fortunately,this only has to be done once.


      1. Doug,

        I’ve bought a used SS jointer/planer. The fence rotates around the “quadrant” assembly but the quadrant does not lock in place on the fence mounting bar that it slides on. The handle locks very well and holds the fence at any angle, but the whole fence still freely slides on the mounting bar even with the handle locked. Am I missing a piece or something? HELP!


      2. Hi, Frank; this is what we used to call a head slapper. When you hear the answer you will slap your forehead and say, “Of course!”
        The jointer handle has two positions. Pull out to lock the angle, push in to lock the slide.Simple, but not obvious. Thanks for writing; I know there are many others who have that question.


      3. You’re right about slapping my head! I did so right after I “finally” read the page in the manual that describes each part of the jointer…duh…


  2. Doug ~ I still get your emails even though I have made the big leap to shopsmith. Still enjoy your videos and hearing about SS.

    Best wishes and hoping for a complete recovery.

    Bob Luebbers

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  3. Doug & Susan

    We gratefully received your news. Yes, the contact we have with your Shopsmith insight and woodworking & safety knowledge, is of great personal value and to you goes our lifelong appreciation.

    Many of us have our own reasons for appreciating the value of nature around us and the satisfaction of our own modest creations in the workshop. We wish you continued progress as you return to your woodworking activities.

    Best regards

    Art Gunn

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  4. Doug, I wondered what happened to you. Glad your health has improved. I have watched almost all the videos you made. I first purchased my Shopsmith in the early 80’s but have not been able to use it for many years. I am now able to get back to it. I upgraded my headstock earlier this month and looking forward to using it. Looking forward to new videos coming out.

    Is there anyway to view a video of the webinar from last evening. I was unable to watch it live.

    Best Wishes


      1. Doug,

        I was watching a video you did a couple of Christmas’ ago using the jointer to flatten cupped boards. I’ve just started using the jointer so, when I come across a cupped board, is it better to cut the concave side first or the convex side first?

        Frank Albert


      2. Hi, Frank and thanks for contacting me;
        You should joint the concave side first, then run that through the planer.If you try to joint with the convex side down, it will likely rock.


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