Wow! Life is good!

Wow! I am getting back on my feet after my little tussle with leukemia (in full remission, thanks for asking). I am spending more time in my shop and making videos again.

I also want to get this blog going again, relook at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Shopsmith still wants me to do a video series they will offer on their website, and I think I will enjoy that.

If anyone has suggestions for video topics, let me know and I will discuss with Shopsmith.

11 thoughts on “Wow! Life is good!”

  1. Hi Doug,

    So glad to hear from you and so happy that you are on the mend! I think the idea of you doing videos for Shopsmith is a great plan. They are in need of some new videos. I look forward to them. I hope you will consider a video on both shaping and router work on the Mark 7. One thing the Shopsmith site needs is a focus on the Mark 7.

    I wish you the best as you get your strength back. We’ve missed you.


  2. my first post didn’t show for some reason…but it basically said…congrats and welcome back. can’t wait to see some new stuff from you


  3. Doug,
    Hope your health continues to improve. I have enjoyed your Shopsmith topics on YouTube and webinars. I have had the Power Pro headstock for about 3 years now and enjoy using it. One idea for a video related to the Power.Pro is what to do when the RPS State Error 0 consistently comes on the screen and the motor does not turn. A step by step procedure going through the removal of the black motor fan cover, removing the fan itself and then cleaning the fins thoroughly of dirt and dust buildup did the trick because the light path was being blocked and no amount of blowing with an air hose would solve the problem. I had to remove the fan itself and clean the dirt from the fins.


      1. Actually I got the advice when I got Shopsmith on the phone and they talked me through the steps. As I said as soon as I saw all the dirt and dust on the fins that go through the LED sensor I knew that was the issue. I probably should think seriously about getting the Shopsmith Dust Collector.

        Best Regards,



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