Other new (to me) tools I like

I have most everything Shopsmith offers, but I also have some other tools I really like. Three recent acquisitions:

  1. The Gripper, for safety and control when ripping. I’m not convinced it is better than using the standard Shopsmith safety gear. Any thoughts?


MiterSet Standard
MiterSet Standard



MiterSet segments
MiterSet segments

2.The MiterSet (miterset.com.) This is a really nice product for setting up your miter gauge for any angle cuts. I think it is going to invaluable for

making segmented projects. And the miter bar is available for our Shopsmiths!


3.TrueTrac. I have looked at many, and tried a few tools for making cuts using my Skil saw. This is

TrueTrac with skil saw
TrueTrac with skil saw

now my favorite; reasonably priced, easy to set up, easy to use, and very accurate. I have been cutting down a lot of plywood recently, and this has been great!IMG_3714IMG_3715IMG_3717

2 thoughts on “Other new (to me) tools I like”

  1. You mention that the Miterset is available for Shopsmiths now. Does that mean there is a ‘special’ version of it that I have to order? I have been to their website and what they offer seems to be a ‘one size fits all’ offering. Will that work? Or? Thank you


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