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Thank you for the Webinar.  I very much enjoyed it.I purchased the Mark 7 upgrade last May.

I haven’t had time to use it much, but I did recently rip some ¾” MDF with it.  It cut through it like butter!  I am really looking forward to using my Mark 7 more!

Thanks again,

Steven–Reno, NV

11 thoughts on “Owners comments”

  1. Hi Doug and Susan; Well, it took me a few days to ‘figure out’ how to use this blogsite, but here goes:
    I received my Shopsmith Mk V in 1984 for my birthday from my mom; what a great present! I only regret that I haven’t had the free time to use it as much as i’d like to. I’ve used my Shopsmith to build a seperate room attached to mom’s house when my family and I moved back to New Mexico (from Texas) in ’86; rafters, joists, and even screen doors were built for this room mostly using the Shopsmith. Building this extra room onto the house was necessary in order to give my mom her own private place to escape from the ‘madhouse’ that is inevitable with two teenage daughters! Since that time, I’ve used my machine mostly for building all sorts of things for my other hobby of Garden Railroading; small parts for miniature buildings, and ties for laying my own trackage. It’s such an outstanding thing to be able to do large projects such as mom’s ‘hideaway’, and small projects such as I use on my model railroad. I’ve turned fancy toilet paper stands on the lathe for my sister’s home, which is an older house, and built her a weaving loom for her hobby. Also built were a spice cabinet, cupboards for my kitchen, and a trash container container from well weathered redwood that was from a demolished old house. I wish I’d had the foresight to take pictures of the things I’ve built, but alas I did not think of that at the time. All in all, Shopsmith is so versatile, I’m surprised they’re not more ‘visible’ in the woodworking industry/hobbies. As a small ‘side note’ here, when my friends from Texas found out we were moving, they decided to throw us a going away party/barbecue at my place. They had brought a half side of pork but had no way to reduce it to fit on our barbecue, so we used the Shopsmith bandsaw to cut it down to size! Now, I DON’T recommend everyone do this because it took me a fair amount of time to clean up my bandsaw and returned to woodworking condition, but suffice to say, the bandsaw made short work of reducing the side of pork to manageable proportions! A very versatile machine indeed! I hope you don’t find my use of the bandsaw for ‘butcher shop operations’ to be too ‘sacreligious’. Thanks for the opportunity to tell my ‘story’. Jeff W.


  2. Most of my adult life I have heard negative comments about Shopsmith. Well, I bought a used one because I needed a drill press and a used Mark V was cheaper than a floor model drill press. After some cleanup and tweaking, I tried the bandsaw that came with the Mark V. It works as well, if not better than my powermatic 14 inch saw!

    I tried the tablesaw. It is neither unstable nor underpowered. I am in the process of selling my floor model jointer, huge router table, bandsaw, and drum sander as well as my benchtop 12″ disk sander. My shop is only 12 x 22. So change over time on the mark v is less than the ‘teabury shuffle’ I do with the floor model tools. I am mostly a turner ( I think you contacted me once about my website, millpond woodturning). I’m not sure I’m willing to part with my 3 hp cabinet saw or my jet variable speed lathe yet but maybe someday. At any rate, the Mark v is a very good backup for both.
    Rich W.


    1. Rich, thanks for those comments! One of the hardest, most frustrating things I ran across in my time with Shopsmith was those preconcieved notions about the Shopsmith. They were inevitably voiced by someone who never used one, or bought an old used machine, which are usually missing parts and manuals. Or even worse, accepted the opinion of someone who heard from some one, who heard from someone….


  3. Recent comments:
    “I can attest that the PowerPro is the best upgrade I could have done to my 520. The quiet power makes it seem like a different machine. No more burning with large hole saws or forstner bits. The PowerPro makes it a real lathe with power at low speed for roughing and reverse, not just for sanding, but for hollowing on the backside of a piece where you can see what you’re doing. Save your nickels and dimes, this upgrade is totally worth it. ”
    Tony T. Reply on YouTube

    “I did recently rip some ¾” MDF with it. It cut through it like butter! I am really looking forward to using my Mark 7 more!”–Steven S.


  4. John Rice 01-30-16
    I believe had it not been for the conical disk and the horizontal boring capabilities (bandsaw , table saw as well as the table capabilities), I’d been totally flummoxed!


  5. Doug, I want to first thank you for the professional job you did on the Webinar Tuesday night.  I’m not new to Shopsmith so I can candidly say that I’ve seen many Representatives or Trainers that Shopsmith hires who go on the road to demonstrate the wonderful value that the Shopsmith has, but, in my opinion, you are one of the best.  Let me share with you why I think that.  Before I retired from education, part of my job was to try to find the best professional teachers or administrators who were suited for our school.   This gave me the experience of knowing how to select and judge good quality people.  You gave me that feeling of knowing what you were talking about but also had the personality to influence your audience about the product – namely the Shopsmith.  Of course we’ve e-mailed before and I participated in one of your Webinars 2 years ago.  As a matter of fact, I purchased, through the discount you offered, the Power-Pro.  I love it!  It is as good as you say it is and then some.
    I fell in love with the Shopsmith back around 1980 or so, when one of the Shopsmith traveling demonstrators gave a workshop in Albany, N.Y., at a Woodworking store.  I was spellbound and I knew the Shopsmith bug had bitten me.  I had to have one.  Long story short I ended up with a used one from an engineer in Massachusetts when I moved there for a Principal position.  I rebuilt it with new parts and new accessories.  It was great fun as I learned how to maintain it as well as use it.  From the Mark V 510, I upgraded to the 520.  Then I met you on your Webinar in 2014 and the rest is history.  I mention all this to you because I want you to know the influence you and Shopsmith have had on me.  Same goes for Norm Abrams when the New Yankee Workshop was on PBS, remember him?  I now am building furniture for my family and there never seems to be enough time for me to build everything my wife or daughter-in-laws request and because of the Shopsmith and the wonderful history it has had, I am having the time of my life.  I just love what it can do. 


  6. My Shopsmith is absolutely amazing! I find it extremely easy to operate because it is so logical and precise. And the manuals and course book are so well organized, I just can’t go wrong.
    Sister Mary dePaul S. – Indianapolis, IN


  7. This is a letter from an Shopsmith owner and my reply about new videos:

    Hi, Doug –
    We’ve done ShopSmith business several times in the past. I have not seen any videos/YouTube appearances from you in 6 months or more. I miss the technical woodworking with Shopsmith updates, and hope you are well, and enjoying some down time. If you feel I am not invading your privacy, I’d sure appreciate a brief reply regarding your status with YouTube (and I hope you’re well because I’m 70, and guessing I’m also about your age).
    Best Regards,
    Chris B.

    Doug Reid
    Nov 1 (3 days ago)

    to Chris
    Hi again, Chris and thanks for contacting me;
    I am very well! I have been cancer free for 2 ½ years now, and am catching up on all the things I need to do.
    One of the projects I want to do, along with my brother, is to build a dulcimer. Then it occurred to me that I really should learn to play one first. So, bought a dulcimer, started taking lessons, joined a group, etc.
    I am also back to working my experimental garden. I went vegetarian about two years ago, and want to grow my own produce. I figure my first tomato cost me about $2K.

    Last month, we traveled to Germany to meet and thank my transplant donor. She is a 27 year old school teacher, and a delightful young woman. We have invited her to visit us next summer.

    I’m glad you asked about the videos…I am not always sure if anyone is interested until I hear from someone like you. I am planning on getting back to the youtube videos this winter. In fact, I have several in the raw video stage, just waiting to be edited. So thanks for the encouragement.
    I will be 70 in January, and this has been the best time of my life.


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