I thought I was tech savvy, but…


Well, I guess its true that the pace and scope of computer technology sometimes leaves us old guys behind.

I have tried to stay current; I have Facebook accounts (that I don’t know why but am told I need them); I have a blog that confuses me and my visitors. I have a twitter account that I don’t get; I had a Linked In account that drove me crazy and was difficult to stop; I have a Tumbler account, unused; I have several unused Yahoo accounts, several Gmail accounts, even some old Aol accounts, long dormant.  I have a YouTube account that actually works well for me. I have a google+account that somehow ties into my YouTube stuff, I think. I would like to be able to email a lot of people at once, but that seems impossible as a DIY project.

In our home of two adults, we have two Mac desktops, two iPhone 6’s, one Mac laptop, one iPad, three apple TV boxes, one Kindle, and high speed internet service. I have a closet full of old printers, old computers, and untold numbers of wires and connectors.

I host live webinars through WebEx and that works OK. We Skype with the grandkids. I make and post dozens of videos on YouTube. I have looked at Vimeo, but don’t see the point.

We buy a lot of stuff through Amazon, with good results.

I get way to much junk mail, and don’t know why. (At least the porn offerings have stopped.)

In addition to the above activities, I like to garden, to woodwork, to play with my dogs, to enjoy my wife, to cook, to follow politics, and I am learning to play the dulcimer.

I don’t want to sound like the late Andy Rooney, (who loved his Shopsmith by the way) but maybe that’s why old guys have trouble staying current with technology. We have lives to live.

Anyone feel the same way?



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