I thought I was tech savvy, but…


Well, I guess its true that the pace and scope of computer technology sometimes leaves some of us behind. But the new PowerPro is easy to use.

I try to stay current; I have Facebook accounts (I don’t know why but am told I need them). I have a blog that confuses me and my visitors. I have a twitter account that I don’t get; I had a Linked In account that drove me crazy and was difficult to stop; I have a Tumbler account, unused; I have several unused Yahoo accounts, several Gmail accounts, even some old Aol accounts, long dormant.  I have a YouTube account that actually works well for me. I have a google+account that somehow ties into my YouTube stuff, I think. I would like to be able to email a lot of people at once, but that seems impossible as a DIY project.

In our home of two adults, we have two Mac desktops, two iPhone 10s, one Mac laptop, two iPads, three apple TV boxes, one Kindle, and high speed internet service. I have a closet full of old printers, old computers, and untold numbers of wires and connectors.

I host live Shopsmith webinars through Zoom and that works well. We Skype with the grandkids. I make and post dozens of videos on YouTube.

We buy a lot of stuff through Amazon, with good results.

I like to garden, to woodwork, to play with my dogs, to enjoy my wife, to cook, to follow politics, and I am learning to play the dulcimer.

I don’t want to sound like the late Andy Rooney, (who loved his Shopsmith, by the way…a gift from Arthur Godfrey). But maybe that’s why we greybeards have trouble staying current with technology. We have lives to live.

Anyone feel the same way?


3 thoughts on “I thought I was tech savvy, but…”

  1. Doug,
    I am an avid woodworker, starting as a child building the proverbial treehouse (with a porch no less) and finally acquiring a Shopsmith 510 in 1998. I have upgraded to the Mark 7-520 double tilt 3 years ago. However, my day job is Information Technology and I have been using computers since 1978 and making a living from them since 1985. Today I am a Director of IT Programming and Quality Assurance.

    With that said, your issues are common for everyone. And reality is, use what works for you and throw away the rest. I do not use social media, partly because I keep a low profile being involved in computer security. In addition, because social media is the business of sharing your information and all the hype to get you to believe that is OK. Reality, you should be as private as possible while sharing those things that do not place you at risk. So anything you share can be used against you, for example if you use your dog’s name, as a password then do not share your dog’s name with anyone. You do not want spam then act like a spammer, notice my email is p47blt@gmail.com, that looks a lot like a spammers email address. Spammers do not send email to spammers so I hide behind their standard naming conventions. Heck I pay my bills with money orders, because they are not traced and I get virtually no junk mail because the bank cannot tell anyone what I spend my money on (yeah, I know I am over the top, but really I get one or two pieces of junk mail each month).

    If you want to protect your machine look into security solutions using whitelists (PCmatic is the most popular, goofy commercials but great product). You already run Mac so you have a lower probability of being hacked but even there you need to get a good security solution.

    You want to send to multiple people, investigate groups. If you have an email package, it will absolutely have a group solution. In order to use groups it should be noted you likely would need to add the email addresses as contacts.

    I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, if I do not know the answer I will research it for you (I have been doing this a long time and know where to find things or know other people that do). It is the least I can do when you are sharing with us. Thanks, Al


    1. Al, thank you so much! I was thinking I could do nothing but just take my chances. It feels like we have to either be totally vulnerable or go live in a cave. I would love to spend a little time with you to discuss some of my needs/concerns. If you send me an email with the email address you want me to use to contact you.


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