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In my old shop with my grandson, Russell.
In my old shop with my grandson, Russell.


Cutaway of the new PowerPro headstock
Cutaway of the new PowerPro headstock
Doug Reid
Doug Reid

Welcome to Shopsmith Woodworker, a place to share your projects, get questions answered, find plans, and meet up with other Shopsmith woodworkers. We started this blog to share our love of woodworking and all things Shopsmith.

pssst-You can also get discounts on Shopsmith products through us.

for details email me at

We invite you to share your thoughts, photos, plans, projects, and Shopsmith history with us and other Shopsmith owners.

We will post and share our experiences, answer questions (or help find the answers). We are both Shopsmith owners, and were demonstrators and instructors for more than 20 years.We have been called “Shopsmith’s greatest goodwill ambassadors” by Shopsmith’s CEO Bob Folkerth.

On the Shopsmith Forum, Susan has been called “flat out the best woodworking instructor ever.”

We are producing videos on how to use the Shopsmith tools, our favorite tips, and unvarnished opinions. These will be posted here, eventually, but most can be found on YouTube-search under Doug Reid Channel, or shopsmithdoug1.

Disclaimer: We produce informational and sales webinars for Shopsmith, but are not employees of Shopsmith; our opinions and techniques are our own, and we are responsible for all content. Webinar attendees are offered discounts or other incentives for attending. For an invitation to a webinar, email me at

Your safety is your responsibility, but affects the entire woodworking community. Read your manuals, watch videos, and understand how to be safe in every operation.

Doug and Susan Reid

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2 thoughts on “ShopsmithWoodworker”

  1. The flat, red, plastic on/off switch on my headstock is currently in need of maintenance, perhaps even replacement. I can order a new switch from Shopsmith, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to remove the old switch. There’s not much room in there, and it’s dark, and I need help and/or advice as to how to get the job done.


    Scott Gardiner


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