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Classes for Shopsmith owners?

In my old shop with my grandson, Russell

In my old shop with my grandson, Russell

You have the tools, and now, maybe you have the time. But what about the training?

If you feel that you have not used your Shopsmith to its full potential, or if you want to build on the skills you already have, this could be for you.


My wife Susan and I spent more than 10 years running Shopsmith’s Traveling Academy program. We also taught classes from our own shop for several years.

These would be one-on-one, hands on classes for Shopsmith owners held at our  newly remodeled shop near Louisville, KY. Louisville is a one day drive from Chicago, St.Louis, Memphis, Cincinnati, Atlanta, etc.

We have the room to offer a B&B experience for 2-4 individuals, offering private and semi private lodging with breakfast and lunch.

We have all Shopsmith accessories, space, and have always enjoyed teaching. These are hands on classes and we can work at the level of the student’s experience and comfort.

We need to try this on a limited basis. If you are interested, send me an email at shopsmithdoug@gmail.com.

I just came across these old videos-they feature my wife, Susan, (isn’t she adorable?) and Mike Young setting up a Mark V. I think the info still holds up.


  1. John says:

    If I could only move Parachute CO closer!


  2. Terry Angel says:

    would love to come to a class such as this


  3. Dwayne Taaffe says:

    Though I live in California, I would love to come to a workshop and learn from the experts. Would you be covering tune up and machine accuracy adjustments for the 510?


    • Dwayne; I am really glad you asked that. Tuning up and especially aligning the Mark V is vital to producing quality work. We will strongly encourage everyone who takes classes with us to take the alignment session. A perfectly aligned Shopsmith produces wonderful results, and once aligned, Shopsmith tools hold their alignments very well.So, yes!


  4. Joe solt says:

    How are you and Sue doing?


  5. Jerry McMahan says:

    Depending upon time/price, yes, I’d love to take a class taught by you and Sue. Keep up the great work teaching us about Shopsmith
    Regards—Jerry McMahan


  6. Dick Abrahamson says:

    Doug, though we are in Texas, I’d love to get up to your place for some classes. Please let me know.


  7. Deac says:

    I loved the Academies that Shopsmith used to host at their factory classroom. At one point, I spent two weeks in Dayton bunching up 4-5 different classes at once. A great experience and I camped at a great local campground……..’Woodstock’ indeed! I MIGHT be interested, but what made the Shopsmith classes so good was that each person had their own machine to work on and build a project with. I am guessing that that would not be the case in a private woodshop. Or?


  8. Anita Floyd says:

    Doug, are you still doing webinars?


  9. chuck heck says:

    i would be interested.


  10. charles heck says:

    if your planning a new webinar i would like to attend, thank u.


  11. Dr. Jeff Popa says:

    Any further thoughts on the classes? I have a travel trailer for lodging, is there a place close where it could be parked for classes?


    • To Dr. Jeff and others who have inquired about classes: I apologize. I had fully intended to have classes running by now, but had some health set backs in the last 18 months, and my strength and stamina are slower to return than I had anticipated. (But I am getting there). I will post here and send out a youtube video when I can get going again.


  12. chuck heck says:

    would be very interested if & when you are up to it.


  13. Pete Hennessey says:

    First of all, I hope your health returns soon. As so many others have said, I would also be interested in classes or videos.


  14. Mike Crampton says:

    I would certainly like to get involved in one of these classes at some point…I have an inherited Mark V that I have yet to power up and need to learn everything about…unfortunately, for the near future I am going to get a new hip and recovery will take awhile….hopefully later in 2016 I can look at getting a class under my belt….


  15. Keith says:

    Depending on prices (I would have to fly), I would be interested.


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