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Stories and comments from owners about how and why they have chosen Shopsmith products.

Woodworking in retirement

When I started selling Shopsmith products in 1986, most of the buyers were in their 30’s and 40’s. Almost all of them were husbands, homeowners, and well educated. There were dentists, firefighters, orthopedic surgeons, policemen, service men, engineers, and more.Very few were women, unfortunately.

30 years later, we have seen a big increase in women woodworkers (Hoorah! My wife and two daughters are both skilled with the Shopsmith tools), but the biggest change that I have seen: most Shopsmith buyers now are retired, or close to retiring.

100_2055   In my shop with my grandson, Russell. We were making him a sword…10 years later, he still has it…no longer played with, now hanging on a wall, but still prized. My favorite projects are those I made for, or with, someone else…wife, kids, in-laws, grandkids, hopefully someday great grandkids.

Susan, a pioneer woodworker

And as I think about it, it makes sense. So many men I talked with over the years truly wanted to own a Shopsmith, but family obligations took precedence.

Now, the kids are through college, the house is paid for, and most importantly, they have the time, and money, to fulfill their dreams.                               IMG_2220IMG_4030

If you have always dreamed of making furniture, turning bowls, making things for the kids and grandkids, teaching woodworking to kids or grandkids (or just hanging out together making sawdust and memories), finishing DIY projects, getting out of your spouses hair, earning some extra income, etc. contact me.

Entertainment centers

With the popularity of big screen TVs and sound systems, the market for entertainment centers and custom case work is booming. This is our library. A local craftsman wanted $5000 to do this. We did it for $500.

If you are ready for a Shopsmith, contact me at Good advice, honest opinions, and discounts.

Spending time with my grandson. It doesn’t get better than this!

Wow! Life is good!

Wow! I am getting back on my feet after my little tussle with leukemia (in full remission, thanks for asking). I am spending more time in my shop and making videos again.

I also want to get this blog going again, relook at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Shopsmith still wants me to do a video series they will offer on their website, and I think I will enjoy that.

If anyone has suggestions for video topics, let me know and I will discuss with Shopsmith.