How I make a green bowl…it all starts with the chainsaw.

This section contains ‘how to’ text, photos and videos.

Using a chainsaw and bandsaw to rough out the bowl blank. I like this because it makes turning easier, and eliminates a lot of mess.Tip I just learned: regular gas has ethanol and will not work well on small engines. Step up to medium or higher and your gas chainsaws, trimmer, mowers, etc should start/run better.

2 thoughts on “How I make a green bowl…it all starts with the chainsaw.”

  1. I’m a ‘greenhorn’ when it comes to turning, and especially turning green wood. I have been viewing Youtube videos on the topic over the last couple of weeks, and have just seen yours. I have a Mark V Shopsmith, and have heard from several former Shopsmith owners that the lathe is the least attractive use of the Shopsmith. I’ve heard that the unit is too low (I’m 5′ 11″ tall), and under-powered. I’ve noted that the Mark VII has a larger motor that can be used as a 240v unit that I understand gives it much more power. But cost is my current issue since I’m now retired, and on a fixed income. What are your thoughts, and suggestions on this issue? I thank you in advance.


    1. Hi, Jose; I am 6’1″ and have no problem with the height of the ss lathe. However,I am currently building a new base using ss old parts,(see above),and I am making it taller,and adding several hundred pounds of weight. I will post more as I progress.The power and slower speed of the new headstock is definitely an improvement.You could add this headstock to your old unit. It improves all functions.The DIY version is about $1400 if you order through me.


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