The best deal on a new Shopsmith

Susan Reid
Doug Reid
Doug Reid



Shopsmith’s New Mark 7.




While Shopsmith prices never go down, there are sales and specials that can save you a considerable amount if you know about them.

1. Order through us.

We host free, live webinars and offer discounts on all Shopsmith products for attendees. (A webinar is a live video conference.) Good advice, honest opinions, discount prices.

For an invitation to a webinar, send me an email at You can ask questions and make comments, and talk to other Shopsmith owners, via computer, all from the comfort of your home. Susan and I host, but Shopsmith owners are the stars.

2. Shopsmith e-mail specials.

For those who already own a Shopsmith, these specials offer big savings. You can sign up for these on the Shopsmith website. I have not seen the Mark 5 or Mark 7 discounted here.

3. Live demonstrations through Lowe’s.

These demonstrations at Lowe’s do not come around often, but they are a great way to see the tools in person, ask questions and get discounts on new Mark 7s.

The reps are experienced and travel the country to show off the Shopsmith system.


5 thoughts on “The best deal on a new Shopsmith”

  1. March 17, 2014

    Doug and Susan,

    I enjoy your You Tube videos and I participated in one of your Webinars a few months ago. Thank you. Since I have the Power Pro I wanted to share what happened yesterday. I chose the “do it yourself option” about 18 months ago and I have been very pleased and impressed with the upgrade with no issues at all. Then yesterday I turned it on and nothing happened! The quill just would not turn and then I noticed that there was an error code “RPS State Error 0”. I followed the possible solutions from the Troubleshooting section of the Power Pro Manual and it said to remove the belt cover and motor pan and use compressed air to blow the dust out. I did that several times to no avail. So I called Customer Service first thing this morning and explained my situation and they recommended to use compressed air particularly behind the rear of the motor that is covered by a black plastic cover. That is where the speed sensors are and when dust clogs those up then the machine just stops. So I rigged up a small plastic tube and put it on the end of my air nozzle and made sure it would get behind that cover. I had the headstock in the drill press position and blew out the area thoroughly. The end result was that blowing out that area did the trick! That was the first time in 18 months that I had any issues and everything is working fine now. Just thought you might want to include this tip on one of your next Power Pro You Tube videos. Customer Service mentioned that in a high percentage of cased when this code occurs this is all that is wrong. I am glad it wasn’t anything more complicated.

    Best Regards,

    Charles Park
    Jacksonville, Florida


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